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About HSBC in Singapore
In Singapore, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited first opened its doors in December 1877. Today, HSBC's flagship office remains at the original Collyer Quay site where its first branch was opened.
One of the earliest banks to establish in Singapore, HSBC is today a prominent player in Singapore's banking sector and offers a broad range of banking and financial services tailored to meet a wide spectrum of needs, from those of multi-national corporations to local businesses and individual Singaporeans.
A Qualifying Full Bank, HSBC Singapore has nine branches (five of which incorporate a dedicated HSBC Premier centre) and over ten locations providing self-service terminals. Our branches provide Automated Teller Machines, Cash Deposit Machines and electronic banking channels including 24-hour PhoneBanking services and Internet banking services.
Through a strategic partnership with a retail giant, QuickCash allows our customers to also withdraw cash from the cashiers when they shop at the Dairy Farm Group of stores which includes over 360 everyday stores like Cold Storage, Giant, Guardian Health and Beauty, Photo Finish, Market Place and Shop N Save.

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Frequently asked questions

How much credit limit will I be granted?
The credit limit will be subject to the Bank's review and approval. Where you have stated a preferred credit limit, the amount which the Bank will grant may be lower than the amount you have requested.

Please note that for individuals with annual income between S$30,000 and S$120,000, your aggregate credit limit with HSBC for all unsecured facilities will be capped at four times your monthly income as indicated in the income documents that you submit. Please note that because your unsecured facilities include all of your unsecured credit card, personal line of credit and personal loan, the credit limits for your unsecured credit cards, personal lines of credit and personal loans will be aggregated for the purpose of computing your maximum aggregate credit limit.

What is your finance charge and how is it calculated?
Finance charge is levied on the amount withdrawn from the day the transaction is posted to your account until the date payment is made in full or the next statement date, whichever is earlier.

Effective Rate: 25.9% p.a. (minimum)
Minimum Charge: S$2.50

How do I earn the Rewards points?
Every dollar charged to your credit card earns you one Rewards point. Rewards points can be used to redeem shopping, dining and entertainment vouchers, gifts and cash rebates. And your Rewards points last not one but THREE years.

Can I convert my Rewards points into air miles?
Your Rewards points can be translated into free flights with frequent flyer programmes from Singapore Airlines Krisflyer and Asia Miles™. Every 5,000 Rewards points can be exchanged for 2,000 miles.


Access over 1,000 ENTERTAINER with HSBC 1-for-1 deals in the new HSBC Singapore app

  • Unlock specially curated 1-for-1 ENTERTAINER with HSBC deals on dining, travel, entertainment and more.
  • Save up to S$10,000 at 525 merchants across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and more.
  • Access and enjoy offers that can be used any day of the week* right in the palm of your hand.

All just for an enrolment fee of S$5. Waived# for HSBC Premier MasterCard and HSBC Visa Infinite Main Credit Cardholders.

* Excluding public holidays.
# If you use your HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card or HSBC Visa Infinite Credit Card to pay for this fee, you will enjoy a one-time waiver of the enrolment fee.
The one-time waiver is only applicable to main cardholders. Other terms and conditions apply.


Section A: General
ENTERTAINER with HSBC is a new 1-for-1 programme that can be accessed via the new HSBC Singapore app. It is exclusively available to HSBC main and supplementary credit cardholders. It offers Buy One Get One Free promotions at restaurants, hotels, entertainment and more across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bali, London and UAE.

Is ENTERTAINER with HSBC available to everyone?
Only HSBC main credit cardholders and supplementary card holders can enroll for ENTERTAINER with HSBC.

Do I have to pay for ENTERTAINER with HSBC
Entertainer with HSBC is exclusively available to HSBC main and supplementary cardholders for a nominal enrollment fee of S$5. Each HSBC main and supplementary cardholder is entitled to one membership account at the nominal fee. Any subsequent purchases of ENTERTAINER with HSBC by cardholders will be at the full retail price of S$85.

Is there any fee waiver available?
Cardholders who pay with their HSBC Premier MasterCard or HSBC Visa Infinite card will enjoy a one-time fee waiver of the S$5 enrollment fee. The waiver will be processed in the form of a refund credited to the cardholder’s account in the following month.

Where can I download ENTERTAINER with HSBC?
ENTERTAINER with HSBC is available exclusively within the HSBC Singapore app which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How does ENTERTAINER with HSBC work?
After you have downloaded the HSBC Singapore app, tap "ENTERTAINER with HSBC" on the app's home screen. Follow the instructions to register for ENTERTAINER with HSBC.

To redeem an offer, simply tap on the offer on your phone and follow the process to redeem it when you ask for the bill at an outlet. For travel offers, inform the hotel that you intend to use the ENTERTAINER with HSBC voucher at reservation, prior to your visit with them. Payment must be made with a HSBC credit card to redeem any offers.

For further information please refer to the ENTERTAINER with HSBC's Rules of Use.

Section B: Registration and Accessing ENTERTAINER with HSBC
How do I register for ENTERTAINER with HSBC?
After you have downloaded the HSBC Singapore app, tap on the “ENTERTAINER with HSBC” icon at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, you may also access ENTERTAINER with HSBC after you have logged in to your HSBC Singapore app by tapping on the “Offers” icon at the bottom of the screen, followed by selecting "ENTERTAINER with HSBC".

Key in your HSBC credit card payment details and 8-digit HSBC registered mobile number and click on "BUY". The mobile number used to purchase your ENTERTAINER with HSBC account will be your account login ID. If you do not provide your HSBC registered mobile number during registration, this will result in potential servicing issues For example, if you forget your account login ID, HSBC will not be able to retrieve and provide you with the details of your HSBC registered mobile number.

Can I enroll for ENTERTAINER with HSBC with a non-HSBC credit card?
ENTERTAINER with HSBC is exclusively for HSBC credit cardholders only.

Can I access ENTERTAINER with HSBC before / after login to my HSBC Singapore Mobile Banking app account?
Yes. To access ENTERTAINER with HSBC before login, open the HSBC Singapore app home screen and tap on "ENTERTAINER with HSBC".

To access ENTERTAINER with HSBC after login to your HSBC Singapore app, tap on "Offers", followed by "ENTERTAINER with HSBC".

I forgot the mobile number I registered with HSBC, what should I do?
Please contact our customer care at 1800-HSBC NOW (1800-4722 669) or (65) 64722 669 if you are overseas to retrieve your registered mobile number.

For easy access, please note the following steps:
Step 1 – Call in to 1800-HSBC NOW (1800-4722 669) or (65) 64722 669 if you are overseas.
Step 2 – Enter your 7-digit NRIC Number/ 12-digit Account Number/ 16 Credit or Debit Card Number followed by the # key.
Step 3 – Key in your 6-digit Phone Banking PIN (if you do not have a Phone Banking PIN, simply press # to reset your PIN with a SMS-OTP).
Step 4 – Press 2 for Card Services.
Step 5 – Press 3 for Card Fees, Rewards & Benefits.
Step 6 – Press 4 for Card Benefits & Promotions to speak to our Customer Care.

What happens if I change my mobile number after I have registered for ENTERTAINER with HSBC?
If you have changed your mobile number, please update your personal particulars with HSBC in HSBC Personal Internet banking or click here to find out more. This should not disrupt your access to your ENTERTAINER with HSBC. However, please see Section C below.

What happens if I change my mobile device after I have registered for ENTERTAINER with HSBC?
Each mobile number registered can be linked up to a maximum of 2 devices. Therefore, if you change your mobile device, simply download the HSBC Singapore application on your new device and tap on "ENTERTAINER with HSBC". On the payment screen, select "Already a member?"" and you will be prompted to enter the mobile number that you have originally enrolled with as your account login ID.

What happens if I forgot my login details for my ENTERTAINER with HSBC account?
If you have provided your HSBC-registered mobile number during enrolment, you may contact HSBC to retrieve your login details. Please contact our customer care at 1800-HSBC NOW (1800-4722 669) or (65) 64722 669 if you are overseas.

Section C: Multiple Accounts
Can I have multiple ENTERTAINER with HSBC accounts?

As a HSBC credit cardholder, you are only entitled to one ENTERTAINER with HSBC account at the preferential enrolment fee of S$5 (no matter how many HSBC credit cards you hold).

Any additional ENTERTAINER with HSBC accounts can be purchased using your HSBC credit card at full retail price of S$85.

Can I use my ENTERTAINER with HSBC account on multiple devices?
You can link your registered mobile number to your ENTERTAINER with HSBC account up to a maximum of 2 devices. For example, if you have registered for an ENTERTAINER with HSBC account on your iPhone using your HSBC registered mobile number 1234567, you can use the same mobile number 1234567 to access your Entertainer with HSBC account on your Samsung phone. You will need to download the HSBC Singapore app onto your Samsung phone. Please see Q16, Q17 and Q18 below.

How do I log in via another device?
Download the HSBC Singapore app on your other device and tap on "ENTERTAINER with HSBC". On the payment screen, select "Already a member?"" and you will be prompted to enter the mobile number that you have originally enrolled with.

What happens if I clear the app data on my phone or delete HSBC Singapore app?
Each mobile number can only be registered for up to a maximum of 2 devices. Each time you clear the app data on your mobile device, you will be required to log in to the app again by entering your HSBC registered mobile number you provided during registration. If you have already used the mobile number twice in connection with the ENTERTAINER with HSBC app, you may experience disruption to your access to the app. Please contact our customer care at 1800-HSBC NOW (1800-4722 669) or (65) 64722 669 if you are overseas if that should happen.

What happens if I re-install the HSBC Singapore Mobile Banking app?
If you delete and reinstall the HSBC Singapore app on your mobile device, you will need to register again for an ENTERTAINER with HSBC account. The app will treat this as a new registration and you may experience disruption to your access to the ENTERTAINER with HSBC account if you have already used the mobile number twice in connection with the app. Please contact our customer care at 1800-HSBC NOW (1800-4722 669) or (65) 64722 669 if you are overseas if that should happen.

Section D: Merchant Offers and Vouchers
How do I see the different merchants available within the products?
You can view merchants filtered by category and location. You can also search for a specific merchants by entering your search terms in the fields and see which merchants are available to you.

How many merchants are available in ENTERTAINER with HSBC? How many vouchers are there for each merchant?
ENTERTAINER with HSBC has 525 merchants across markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bali, London and UAE. There are 2 vouchers per merchant and 1 voucher for each Travel outlet.

How long are ENTERTAINER with HSBC offers valid for?
All ENTERTAINER with HSBC offers valid till 30 December 2018. This means that regardless of when you enroll for ENTERTAINER with HSBC, the offers will expire on 30 December 2018.

What are the restrictions on the offers?
The offers are valid throughout the year, excluding on public holidays. Please refer to the Rules of Use for more information on which public holidays are listed for each location.

How many offers/vouchers (non-Hotel category) may I use at any one time?
One offer/voucher can be used by 2 people, up to a maximum of 4 offers/vouchers per visit/booking/table for a group of 8 people or more:

Number of people 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 or more
Number of offer 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 Max

How many Hotel offers/vouchers may I use at any one time?
A limit of one Hotel offer/voucher per room booked may be used. A maximum of one night will be complimentary per room booked per stay.

Section E: Redemption of ENTERTAINER with HSBC Offers
Do I need an internet connection to redeem ENTERTAINER with HSBC offers?
To redeem offers from ENTERTAINER with HSBC, you will need either a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. This is so that your account can be updated and your redemptions removed from the available offers in real time. The merchant will also receive an e-mail once a redemption is made, this enables them to honour the offer and apply your discount as it verifies the redemption.

How do I redeem an offer from ENTERTAINER with HSBC?
When you request for your bill, notify the person attending to you that you want to redeem ENTERTAINER with HSBC offer and show them your HSBC credit card. Tap on the offer you want to redeem and be sure that the outlet is correct because some merchants have offers that can be redeemed at more than one outlet. The App will ask for the merchant’s PIN. Simply ask the merchant to enter their merchant PIN on your smartphone, and when they have done this you will get a confirmation notice on your screen. The teller will most likely want to make a note of the reference number that appears on your screen so you should allow them to do this. If you accidentally moved past this then you can still see the redemption confirmation reference by going to ‘Savings’ and then ‘Redemption History’. The merchant will then prepare your bill with the discount applied.

Must I pay with an HSBC Credit Card?
In order to redeem the 1-for-1 vouchers on ENTERTAINER with HSBC, all payment must be made with a HSBC credit card.

If I go to a participating outlet and I hit redeem on an offer on my App account and find that they do not accept the offer for some reason, can I cancel the redemption?
Yes you can cancel the redemption at any point before the merchant successfully enters their merchant PIN. However, please note that a completed redemption cannot be reversed. The ENTERTAINER is unable to reinstate mobile offers within the HSBC Singapore app.

Can I see how much I have saved?
Yes, when you have successfully redeemed an offer you will see an estimate of how much you have just saved. If you go to the 'Savings' tab within the App menu, you will see the total amount of estimated savings you have made since using ENTERTAINER with HSBC.

How can I change the currency that is used within ENTERTAINER with HSBC?
To change the currency shown
- Select a category such as Food & Drin
- Select the profile symbol at the bottom of the screen (2nd icon from the right)
- Select account
- Select My Information

I have redeemed an offer at one location but the offer is showing as redeemed at all locations on ENTERTAINER with HSBC.
Vouchers for merchants are not location specific. For example, if you have a total of 2 vouchers in the app for merchant A and merchant A has 6 different outlets. After you have redeemed 1 voucher at an outlet, you will have 1 voucher remaining for use at any of merchant A’s 6 outlets. After you have used your remaining voucher, your account will show that your vouchers for merchant A have been fully redeemed and you will not have any vouchers left for redemption.

Do I have access to the Rules of Use via my App?
Yes, validity and Rules of Use are contained within the Offer Screen as well as within the Account section.

How do I redeem more than one voucher at the same time on ENTERTAINER with HSBC– e.g. when I am with a group of friends and I have 2 vouchers available to use?
You can only redeem one voucher at a time within the App. So if you want to redeem 2 vouchers at the same time, then you need to go through the process 2 times with the merchant and he/she will then produce your bill with the total discount applied.

How does ENTERTAINER with HSBC work when using offers from the Beauty & Fitness section?
The spa will accept your redemption in the normal way and then provide you with a certificate which you need to present the next time you visit the outlet. The certificate will contain the exact details of the complimentary treatment or service. You may use the certificate for:

  • Another complimentary treatment for yourself during your current visit or to extend your treatment.
  • A complimentary treatment for your family member or friend to use during your current visit.
  • A complimentary treatment or service at a later date but before the expiration date of your product.
  • These offers fall into the following categories: Spas, Medical & Wellness, Dental Clinics, Beauty, Hair & Nails, Gents Grooming, Health & Fitness.

HSBC Credit Cards with Apple Pay

Now you can enjoy the benefits of your HSBC credit card using Apple Pay. If you have a compatible Apple device, add your HSBC's Revolution credit card/HSBC's Visa Platinum credit card to make easy, secure and private transactions right away.

What is Apple Pay?
Apple Pay is an easy, secure and private way to make payments. After you have added an eligible HSBC credit card ("Card") to the Apple Pay wallet of an eligible Apple device, you will be able to make payments in stores, in apps, and on the web with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac with just a touch.

How secure is an Apple Pay transaction?
Your Card in Apple Pay is protected by "Touch ID" and/or your device "Passcode". For your security, when you make a purchase using Apple Pay, you must either authenticate it with "Touch ID" or the "Passcode". All of your payment information will be encrypted in the Secure Element, a dedicated chip in your device.

When you add your Card to Apple Pay, a Device Account Number is created for that Card on that device. It is separate and unique to your device and is different from your physical Card number. Your Device Account Number is used to make purchases with your Card using Apple Pay.

Plus, a unique transaction code is used for each purchase so your Card details are never shared with any merchant or saved on your device.

Is any of my information obtained by Apple?
Apple's use of your personal information is solely governed by Apple's privacy policy. Apple Pay is designed to protect your personal information. Apple does not know where you shopped, what you purchased or how much you spent. Apple Pay doesn't collect any transaction information that can be tied back to you.

As part of the Apple Pay experience, certain information such as details of your recent purchases will be displayed on your device. At any time, you can turn off the display of transaction history manually for each Card. We will never share your physical Card number or details with Apple.

Which HSBC Cards are eligible for Apple Pay?
All primary and supplementary HSBC credit card accounts in good standing and issued by HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited are eligible for Apple Pay, except HSBC Corporate cards and any other cards we may designate from time to time.

Which Apple devices are eligible for Apple Pay?

How can I add my Card to Apple Pay?
For iPhone
Step 1: Open the Wallet app and tap the "+" sign in the upper right corner
Step 2: Follow the onscreen instructions

For Apple Watch
Step 1: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
Step 2: Tap "Wallet & Apple Pay" and select "Add Credit or Debit Card"
Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions

For iPad Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Tap "Wallet & Apple Pay" and select "Add Credit or Debit Card"
Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions

Please note that you will need internet or data connection to activate your card.

I was prompted to receive a one-time Verification Code/One-Time Password, in the midst of adding my Card to Apple Pay. What is this?
For verification and activation purpose, we will send an SMS message to your mobile number registered with us. For Supplementary Card registration, the SMS message will be sent to the Supplementary Cardholder's mobile number registered with us. The password will expire 10 minutes after it is sent. If the password has expired before it is used, you will be required to restart the process of adding your Card to the Apple Pay wallet.

If we do not have record of your mobile number, we will not be able to send an SMS message to you. In such a scenario, you can update your mobile number via internet banking, by visiting one of our branches or by downloading a change of personal particulars form and submitting the completed form to us.

I did not receive the one-time Verification Code/One-Time Password even though my mobile number registered with the Bank is correct. What can I do?
We will be able to assist you with this. Please call 1800 4722 669.

Can my Supplementary Cardholder add her own Card in his/her own device?
Yes, please note that the one-time Verification Code/One-Time Password will be sent via SMS to the Supplementary Cardholder's mobile number registered with us.

How many cards can I add to my Apple Pay?
Apple Pay allows a maximum of 8 cards to be added on a device. In order to maximise the benefits of using your HSBC credit card, please make sure your HSBC credit card is set as your default card on Apple Pay.

Can I add my Card to more than one Apple Pay devices?
Yes, you may add your HSBC credit card on multiple devices, but you will need to add it on each device separately.

How do I set my default Card?
The first card loaded to Apple Pay will automatically become your default card. Please note that unless a different card is selected before making payment, payment via Apple Pay will always be made with your default card.

To set your HSBC credit card as your default card, simply open the Wallet, tap and hold your preferred card you wish to set as default and drag it to the front and release. You will then receive a notification confirming your new default card setting.

Where can I use Apple Pay?
You may use Apple Pay where contactless payments are accepted.
Simply look out for the Apple Pay mark or contactless symbol at the checkout counter.

How do I use Apple Pay to make a payment? / Do I need to open the Wallet app to make a payment?
If you will like to make payment using your default card, there is no need to open the Wallet app to make a payment.

In stores
iPhone: Hold your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. You will see "Done" on the display, along with a subtle vibration and beep, letting you know the payment information has been sent.

Apple Watch: Double-click the side button and hold the display of your Apple Watch up to the contactless reader. A gentle tap and beep will confirm that your payment information has been sent.

In apps
iPhone or iPad: Select Apple Pay as the payment method during checkout and place your finger on Touch ID.

On the web
Mac: In Safari, choose Apple Pay then complete the purchase with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Do I still earn Rewards points or enjoy merchant privileges for using Apple Pay?
Yes, you will enjoy the same rewards and privileges as you will with your physical HSBC credit card, unless stated otherwise.
Why is the Card image in Apple Pay different from my physical Card?
HSBC may update the card image from time to time and the card image may not necessary match that of your physical Card.

How will an Apple Pay transaction appear on my statement?
The description for Apple Pay transactions done in stores will begin with ")))". For In app purchases, the description will begin with "IAP".

I am encountering problems with my Apple device's hardware or software. What should I do?
For problems with Apple device's hardware or software, please contact Apple at

How can I remove a Card from my Apple device?
You can remove your Card from Apple Pay by going to Settings, select "Wallet & Apple Pay", tap on the card you wish to remove, navigate to the bottom and tap "Remove Card".

My device is lost/stolen. How can I delete my Card?
If you notice or suspect your Card or device has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way, you must notify us straight away by calling 1800 4722 669 or +65 64722 669 if you are calling from overseas.

You can go to the "Find My iPhone" app to temporarily suspend or permanently remove the ability to make payments from your device, even if your device is offline. If you suspend your Card(s) using "Find My iPhone", you can reactivate your Card(s) simply by unlocking your device and entering your Apple ID "Passcode" when prompted.

For any supported Apple device, you can go to, choose the applicable device and delete your Card(s).

If I receive a physical replacement Card, do I need to update my Card information on Apple Pay?
For damaged card replacements or renewals, there is no need to update your Card information on Apple Pay. For lost/stolen card replacements, a new signup to Apple Pay is required.

HSBC's Tax Payment Facility

Turn your taxes into fabulous rewards

Latest Announcements
Please note that application for the Tax Payment Facility - TV licence fee will no longer be valid with effect from 1 March 2011. For cardholders who are currently on this tax payment facility programme, we have stopped deductions from the relevant HSBC credit card account from 1 March 2011.

Be rewarded!
Pay your income and property taxes with your HSBC credit card and discover just how rewarding it is.

Now, you can turn your tax payments into exciting rewards. Simply charge your taxes to your HSBC credit card to enjoy the convenience of consolidating your payments into one account – and get rewarded for it!

You’ll earn one Rewards point for every S$1 charged to your HSBC credit card, which you can use to redeem for fabulous shopping and dining rewards, or air miles from our Rewards programme.

Two payment options to suit your needs
You can enjoy the choice of either a one-time payment or monthly instalments. For your convenience, you only need to do a one-time registration and your monthly payments via your HSBC credit card will continue into the following years.

An administration fee of 0.7% on each tax amount will be charged to the HSBC Classic / Gold / Platinum / Revolution / Advance credit card. An administration fee of 0.5% on each tax amount will be charged to the HSBC Premier MasterCard credit card. An administration fee of 1.5% on each tax amount will be charged to the HSBC Visa Infinite credit card. The administration fee will be charged upon the successful deduction of the tax amount each time and will appear as a separate charge in your credit card statement.

Some common queries:

  1. Why should I sign up for this payment facility if I already have a monthly GIRO arrangement with IRAS/ MDA?
    You will earn Rewards points for every dollar charged to your HSBC credit card from HSBC if you sign up.
  2. If I choose to pay by monthly instalments, can I sign up for this payment facility if I do not have a GIRO arrangement with IRAS/ MDA?
    No, firstly you need to sign up for a GIRO arrangement with IRAS/ MDA. Upon approval, you will receive a GIRO Instalment Plan from IRAS/ MDA. Simply fill in the application form and submit your GIRO Instalment Plan to HSBC for processing.
  3. If I choose to pay by monthly instalments, how will I know whether the funds have been successfully debited from my HSBC card account and IRAS/ MDA has successfully debited my GIRO account?
    The debit from your HSBC credit card will be indicated on your monthly card statement with the respective description: 'ITX - Income Tax', 'PTX - Property Tax' or 'TVR - TV Licence Renewal'. You can also refer to your updated bank account passbook/ statement on the IRAS/ MDA deduction.
  4. I understand that for the monthly instalment payment option, my participation in the programme will continue from year to year without the need for further instructions. What are the implications of this?
    This simply makes participation in the programme more convenient for you. You no longer need to fill in a form every year, but only submit your revised GIRO Instalment Plan(s) for the new tax assessment year.
  5. If I choose to pay my taxes and TV Licence Renewal fee via a one-time payment, does IRAS/ MDA deduct from my specified bank account automatically?
    No, after HSBC credits your specified bank account, you will need to make the necessary payment arrangement with IRAS/ MDA via your preferred method of payment.
  6. If I opt for the one-time payment arrangement, can I request for the amount payable to be less than or more than the amount stated in my official document from IRAS/ MDA?
    No, HSBC will only credit your bank account with the exact amount as indicated in your official documents from IRAS/ MDA.
  7. When will my Bank/ GIRO account be credited?
    Your HSBC credit card account will be debited between the 25th and 30th of each month. The funds will be available on or before the third of the following month. Application forms received after the 20th day of each month will be processed in the following month.
  8. Can I make payments for family or friends?
    No, this payment facility is only applicable to HSBC credit cardholders.
  9. Is this payment facility applicable to my supplementary cardholders?
    Yes, supplementary cardholders can apply for this payment facility to pay for their own taxes and/ or TV Licence fee.
  10. What happens if the credit of funds is not successful due to insufficient funds?
    This payment facility will be cancelled after three consecutive unsuccessful deductions over three consecutive months and cardholders will be required to make alternative payment arrangements with IRAS/ MDA.


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