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Citi On-line Acquisition Promotion January 2019 – January 2020 (“Promotion”) Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions:
a) “Citi” or "Citibank" refers to Citibank Singapore Limited.

b) "Eligible Cardmember" refers to an individual who:
i. has applied for theEligible Cardthrough an on-line acquisition channel; and
i. does not have an *existing Citi Credit Card (as a main cardmember) at the time of his/her application for the Eligible Card and
iii. did not previously have a Citi Credit Card (as a main cardmember) that was terminated/closed (whether by the individual or by Citibank) in the last twelve (12) months immediately prior to his/her application for the Eligible Card and
iv. has not already submitted an application for a Citi Credit Card as a main cardmember, which is pending approval, at the time of his/her application for the Eligible Card; and
v. is not an employee of Citibank and its affiliates; and
vi. is not a United States ("U.S.") Citizen, U.S. Resident, or U.S. Green Card holder. A person is a "U.S. Resident" if he is present in the U.S. for more than 31 days in the current calendar year, and for an average of at least 183 days over the current calendar year and the preceding calendar years.*For clarity, an existing CitiCredit Card account includes an applicationto upgrade an existing CitiCredit Card as well as an application for a CitiCredit Card that has been approved by Citibank even if the physical CitiCredit Card has not been received by the customer and/or has not been activated or utilized by the customer.
c) "Eligible Card" refers to the Citi Cash Back World MasterCard, Citi Cash Back Visa Signature and Citi SMRT Platinum Visa Card only.

d) “Promotion Period” refers to the period from 1stJanuary 2019to 31stJanuary 2020(both dates inclusive).

2. "Qualifying Spend " refers to any retail transactions (including internet purchases) which do not arise from (i) any Equal Payment Plan (EPP) purchases, (ii) refunded / disputed / unauthorised / fraudulent retail purchases, (iii) Quick Cash and other instalment loans, (iv) Citi PayLite / Citi FlexiBill / cash advance / quasi-cash transactions / balance transfers / annual card membership fees / interest / goods and services taxes, (v) bill payments made using the Eligible Card as a source of funds, (vi) late payment fees and (vii) any other form of service/miscellaneous fees.

3. “Qualifying Period” refers to the period starting from the Eligible Card approval date to the end of that calendar month (“First Month”) and, three full calendar months immediately after the end of that First Month. Example: if the Eligible Card is approved on 12 January 2019, the Qualifying Period will be from 12 January 2019 (i.e. card approval date) to 30 April 2019 (i.e. three full calendar months starting from January), both dates inclusive.

4. By participating in this Promotion, the Eligible Cardmember authorizes Citibank to send Short Message Service ("SMS") notifications pertaining to the Promotion to him/her.

5. An Eligible Cardmember who meets all of the conditions below and spend at least S$1200 (“Qualifying Spend Amount”) will qualify to receive S$120 cash back (“Welcome Offer”)
a) Applies for one (1) main Eligible Card within the Promotion Period via an online application (an online application is an application made via Citibank’s online application platform or such other online platforms through which an application may be made); and
b) the application for the Eligible Card(s) must be approved and successfully opened within 30 days from the date of application; and
c) the Eligible Cardmember must meet the Qualifying Spend Amount on his/her Eligible Card that he/she holds as main cardholder during the Qualifying Period.

6. Fulfillment of Welcome Offer when the Eligible Cardmember fulfills the Qualifying Spend Amount during the Qualifying Period:
a) The Welcome Offer of S$120 cash back will be credited to the Eligible Card within two calendar months from the date all the conditions in Clause (5) has been satisfied (for example, if the Eligible Cardmember satisfies the Qualifying Spend Amount in his/her First Month of the Qualifying Period, the Eligible Cardmember will receive his/her Welcome Offer of S$120 cash back by the end of the Third Month of the Qualifying Period.
b) In the event that the Eligible Cardmember’s Eligible Card is not activated, inactive, terminated or closed (whether by the individual or by Citibank) prior to the date of crediting the Welcome Offer, Citibank reserves the right to forfeit the Welcome Offer.
c) The Welcome Offer credited under this Promotion (i) cannot be used to offset against any minimum payment due and (ii) cannot be withdrawn from the Citi Credit Card account in cash.
d) An Eligible Cardmember whose Eligible Card is not in good standing or is otherwise closed/terminated and/or suspended (whether closed/terminated/suspended by the Eligible Cardmember or Citibank or for any reason whatsoever) at any time before the fulfilment of the Welcome Offer will not be entitled to receive any Welcome Offer on or after the date on which the Eligible Card is closed/suspended/terminated.
e) In the event that the Eligible Cardmember has accumulated the Qualifying Spend Amount on his/her Eligible Cards or Eligible Account within the Qualifying Period, but has some of his/her transactions made during the Qualifying Period reversed/refunded/rejected, and as a result the Eligible Cardmember no longer meets the Qualifying Spend Amount within the Qualifying Period, Citibank reserves the right to forfeit/clawback the Welcome Offer.

7. The “spend date” of any Qualifying Spend will be determined by its transaction date based on Singapore Timing (UTC+08:00) and Citibank bears no liability for any late submission or transaction posting of any purchase by any merchant that might affect the Promotion.

8. Citibank reserves the right to terminate this Promotion at any time, and/or vary the terms and conditions governing this Promotion from time to time, without having to give any prior notice.

9. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any advertising, promotional, publicity and other materials relating to or in connection with the Promotion, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

10. Citibank’s decision on all matters relating to this Promotion will be at its discretion and will be final and binding on all customers.

11. This Promotion is not valid with other ongoing acquisition offers or promotions unless otherwise stated.

12. Citibank reserves the right to offer different promotions/offers depending on channel or platform.

Citibank Bill Pay

Paying telco bills with Citibank Credit Card is convenient and rewarding.
You can now pay your StarHub, M1 and SingTel bills at all AXS Stations using your Citibank Credit Card. Many more billing organizations will soon be added.
Use your Citibank credit card to pay your bills at AXS stations and be rewarded.


  • It's Easy
    Just bring your bill and your Citibank Credit Card to the AXS Station and follow the simple steps on the screen.
  • It's Convenient
    There are over 650 AXS Stations located islandwide.
  • It's Free
    There are no Service fees* when you pay your bills using Citibank BillPay
  • Earn Citibank rewards
    Earn Citibank rewards applicable for your Citibank Credit Card. For example if you hold a Citibank Platinum Card, every $1 of bills paid will earn 1 Citi Dollar.
  • Greater flexibility in managing your finances
    Enjoy up to 55 days interest-free credit period. As long as full payment for the credit card statement is received by the payment due date, there will be no interest charges or late fees.
    Your Citibank BillPay transaction will be reflected in your monthly credit card statement of accounts.

* If payment of statement balance is not made in full by the payment due date, interest charges will apply. If the minimum payment due is not paid by the payment due date, late charges will apply. Interest charges for cash advance transactions will be calculated on a daily basis from the date of cash withdrawal till the date payment is made in full.


MotorPay is an easy way to

  • Track your ERP charges
    View your ERP transaction history for up to 6 months by logging into MotorPay website.
  • Consolidate your ERP charges across vehicles
    One single registration for all your family vehicles means all your ERP charges are consolidated in one handy bill.
  • Earn rewards for paying your ERP charges
    Charging your ERP fees to your Citibank credit card allows you to earn rewards applicable to your Citibank credit card.


Why pay multiple bills when you can just pay One Bill?
If you are a busy working professional and you find paying bills every month a hassle, then One Bill is perfect for you! Say goodbye to writing cheques, queuing in line and overdue bills! One Bill is a free, automatic bill payment service offered to all Citibank Credit Cardholders. It allows you to consolidate all your monthly bills including your newspaper subscription, mobile phone, internet, insurance premiums, and town council service and conservancy charges.


  • All-in-one Bill
    You can combine all your bills, which will be automatically charged to your credit card every month. Record keeping will be a breeze as payments will be reflected on your monthly credit card statement.
  • Free and Easy
    No service fees and hidden charges. Plus, you'll never have to worry about long queues and late bill payments.
  • Be Rewarded as you Pay
    Combining all your bills onto your Citi credit card allows you to earn reward points faster.


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